Review: The Normal Heart, Larry Kramer

You may remember that I recently posted a review of Kushner's Angels in America, namely focusing on how damn disappointed I was with it. It's a play that's lauded as the quintessential example of gay literature and art of the AIDS epidemic, but completely fails at providing any kind of universal experience. Reading Angels, I found it unsympathetic, gentrified, and unnecessarily brutalistic for its own sake, attempting to criticize the Reagan era but simply being a product of its exact time. Turns out, I was just looking for The Normal Heart this whole time.

Review: Magical Warrior Diamond Heart (Demo), Pyonkotchi

Welcome to your regularly scheduled Book Blog post! Today, we are moving into the very scary world that is... not books. It's actually not that treacherous of territory, I had known from the start that this book blog would delve into subjects that were not contained in dead trees and on the shelves of Barnes and Nobles stores. Thankfully, while once in a blue moon we will look at things that aren't books on this here Queer Books Blog, I promise that all things we will examine have plenty of pure, undiluted queer.

Review: Angels in America, Tony Kushner

It's become canonized as one of the greatest works of American theatre and literature, Kushner's masterpiece of a "gay fantasia" exploring the AIDS crisis of the Reagan era through two plays, Millennium Approaches and Perestroika. It won the Tony Award and the Pulitzer, catapulting Kushner to fame and becoming one of the most influential pieces of LGBTQ culture. It's been hard for me to cope with the fact that I didn't like it.